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Serving the LA area with legal cannabis and hemp based CBD products.

 All patients must have valid doctor’s recommendation and ID 


Want to start your own garden?

420 Health Care Delivery has teamed up with local cannabis growers that can help your gardening dreams come true! We work with CA Farms and their award winning line of clones and genetics, available for delivery! 

How it all works

We here at420 Health Care Deliveries are part of a greater network and collective, and would not be here if not for the diligence and dedication of several people and vendors. The legal cannabis industry has us all taking our time as we insure that we are compliant, and the meds that we deliver are safe. Our menu is thin because of this, but the quality is top notch.  We are one of the few deliveries that will gladly refer your order to another service that we work with, if your needs require that. It's all about the patient!

Need help with your order?

New to all this and need help making the right decisions with your purchases? Do you have certain symptoms or medical conditions that needs a more customized order? We are here to help guide you and help make your shopping experience a pleasant one! 

Quality service, safe and discrete transactions!

You can trust your order with us from start to finish, seed to sale as they say in the industry! We realize your privacy is important with these matters. You can rest assured that your information will be for our eyes alone. Your delivery will be as discrete as possible!

Grow with us!

At 420 Health Care Deliveries, we are looking to help build the future! We view our clients as peers in the emerging industry, as everyone's voice matters in the shaping of our legal industry. Our country is involved in law reform on several levels. We plan to do our part in the movement by being as active as we can. If you are looking to enter the cannabis space, drop us a line!

Looking for CBD Products?

Want to know more about CBD oils and their health benefit?  Are you ready to try CBDs for yourself and need assistance with your choice? We have some of the most effective, legal, hemp based, non psycho-active, all natural CBD products are here, ready for your order! 

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Trusted Delivery - By Appointment

 We are here for you. Taking appointments and making deliveries every evening! Call us if you need an earlier delivery. 

420 Healthcare Deliveries-Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California 90023, United States

 Early evening deliveries for most areas.  Late night weekend deliveries! 



Drops, Pills, EcoGels, Vape Oils, Drinks and more!

 CBD Drip is the leader in distributing premium quality full spectrum hemp CBD oil that works. They list  in-depth Certificates of Analysis for every product, listing results for nearly every cannabinoid, terpene, residual solvent, and other ingredient. 

Industry grade hemp oil and concentrated CBD is the main ingredient in the natural products produced by CBD Drip.

Lots of misinformation surrounds CBD products and the legality of it. You can rest assured that CBD Drip products  derived from industrial hemp that is grown and imported from outside the United States, and contain less than 0.3% THC content.

Contact us to learn more about the line of products from CBD Drip!


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About Us

420 Health Care Delivers Premium Cannabis Products to your door!

Looking for a "dispensary near me?" 420 Health Care LA is a delivery service collective for the medical marijuana, cannabis community. Order safe meds today through our online menu!

We also strive to be a  place to share information, stories and find safe access to meds. Find our delivery driver near you today or book an appointment. Our goal is to be one of your favorite medical cannabis company in Los Angeles.

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